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Leader Alpha

Aquarius Posts : 30
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Gender: Male
Mate: Snow
History/Interests/Etc.: I been the leader of this Alliance for almost half my life but I am staying the leader with my beloved snow and One day unit all the packs to stop the random raiding and make roleplay back to the way it was with all the packs peaceful.

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PostSubject: My Information    My Information  EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 3:19 pm


Name: Drifter
Rank: Beta
Height: "3'6"
Weight: 150 pounds
Eye color:
Left: blind.
Right: green
Step-Father: Fang
Mother: Desert
Sisters: Howl, and Dark
Brother: Tails(Half)
Age: 2 1/2 years
Personalt: Is a kind wolf sometimes stubborn but is brave and gentle and worrys when his mate goes somewere she can get hurt
Body: is large, small bones so i am very fast,long legs and very shrap claws
when i was born my parents were happy as they could be at the time Howl was a year old and Dark was seven month. Two days after i was born my eyes opened to early which i was blind. My mother blamed herself about my blindness so she ran off and came back a couple hours later and knew i was a special pup knowing I would be able to hear and smell better then any over wolf but i was watched very carefully.

At the age of month old my real father left but i didnt know he left. Couple weeks later my mother meet my step father fang but my mother killed his parents a long time ago.

When I was two months i use to run around but i ran around a lot but my mother didnt know. I meet tails i was compelety blind so i followed him to his mother den.

I was four Months my mother found me and took me away from Tails and his fam but when i got back to my mother warm fur and fimilar scent but i felt happy but sadness because i was the only boy pup and i was runt of my bith pack. Weeks later i gained my red eye and i saw my parents for the first time.

Years later I meet with tails again and forgot about his mother and him. I had my first litter of pups with Sunset but missed the birth of numbers and his sister that died at birth. Then i was with sun and had my second litter of pups which i am not naming them all. Now i am with Echo but I love her more then my own life.

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Aries Posts : 112
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Age : 25
Location : Wouldn't you like to know?

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PostSubject: Re: My Information    My Information  EmptyTue Feb 22, 2011 11:53 am

Very nice brother. A few speling errors here and there but overall very good. *Pats drifter on the head.*

Come sit down with me a while.
Don't be scared, I don't bite.
Just rest here with me under the night sky.
Lay down on the grass.
Don't be shy.
As we watch the stars roll by.
If you want me to.
I'll sing you a lullaby.

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